Feb 12, 2012: Jerry Here…

Jerry here. Just want to share a little story as to why we we need to be here. My daughter fell while ice skating today and got one of those big golf-ball things on her forehead. We ended up in the ER. (I am not one to rush to the hospital with one of my kids, but I was talking to a doctor friend of mine who laid out the Natasha Richardson scenario and I was, I admit, scared.) While there, I was told to give her Tylenol if she has a headache. Now, *I* know that Tylenol impedes detoxification by messing with the liver. Hey, Doc, did you know that???? I can also kinda figure out if this kid has a gigunda hematoma on her head, a headache may not be a headache.

(Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor. But I do know that Tylenol is not good for her.)

~From the Facebook Page of The Thinking Mom’s Revolution

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