Feb, 13 2012: The Rev – Today I had to…

 Feb 13, 2012: The Rev- Today I had to have a follow-up conversation with one of the health workers responsible for maintaining my son’s case.  These invasive conversations are commonplace for moms of special needs kids. Always asking personal questions, always writing as they go, keeping notes on your child, his progress or lack of. His shots. His illnesses. His dental work. His toiling habits. Incredibly personal questions asked in an impersonal and sterile manner. 

I had my notebooks in front of me. I told her about the 5 different doctors that care for Noah’s variety of illnesses. I was prepared with contact information for all of them. I talked about his…

methylation failure
metabolic dysnfunction
adrenal fatigue
food allergies/sensitivities
bowel disease
mitchondrial disease
sight issues (rubella)
skin disorders
Potential nagalese and cerebral folate deficiency (waiting on these results)

Her response when we concluded our conversation:

“SO OVERALL, he’s healthy, then?”

This is the autism controversy in a nutshell. Parents turned researchers scouring the earth for the science and medicine that will help heal their children. Much to their surprise they meet an incredibly large subculture of seekers who are doing just the same thing. There’s not ONE doctor who knows what happened to your kid…there are HUNDREDS. They are treating our children misdiagnosed with autism for vaccine injury and environmental toxicity. But, if the illnesses our kids have don’t fit with the public (or our government’s) perception of autism, then they simply don’t exist. Let’s reiterate.


I told her about 3 life altering, debilitating illnesses. 4 disorders that make life incredbily difficult and self control virtually impossible. I concluded with two tests int he works that will indicate his likelihood of developing a life ending cellular disorder and the other which has a profound and deleterious effect on neurological function.

So. OVERALL. He’s healthy, then! Today it’s Noah. Tomorrow it could be someone you love. Please PLEASE tell me you are ready to fight for proper care for your children. DEMAND Competent medical care! Join us and STAND UP FOR YOUR CHILD!

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