Thinking Moms, Thinking Daughters

This needs jazzing up Mum...

When you’re preparing for a revolution, what do you do first? Get your banner and posters ready of course! This Thinking Mom decided to make a homemade poster, unfortunately arts and crafts are not my forte.

Let's glitter-bomb the heck out of this thing!

Not to worry, my daughters are always willing to help with the cause. Check out the tie-dye dress! My little cheekies insisted on fluffy pom-poms, glitter glue and sparkly stars. After all, what revolutionary poster doesn’t have them, right?


This poster sits at my desk, I gaze at it every single day. After a while, a little glitter rubs off, a couple of pom-poms hangs awkwardly, a sparkly star falls off. But, my daughters are always there to paste it back on for me. Remember, even when the glitter falls off and the shine fades away on your revolution, a little bit of glue always helps.

Share your Thinking Mom’s Revolution poster or banner on our Facebook page. Thinking Moms, together we can make a difference!

Love, Dragon Slayer (and her future Thinking Moms)

PS: My two daughters were diagnosed with Autism. They are now recovered and totally awesome!

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1 Response to Thinking Moms, Thinking Daughters

  1. KellyD says:

    Ain’t none more fierce than an autism momma. Change is a-comin’, you can smell it in the air.

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