Greetings Fellow Revolutionaries!

“The advent of the internet is disturbing to me. It’s quite unfortunate that just anyone can post a review about a restaurant. Now nobody is going to know what they should be eating.” –Food Critic

Few blogs today begin with a cautionary statement asking the reader to refrain from delving in unless they are fully prepared. However, we must strongly encourage you to walk away from this blog unless you are interested in changing the way you think about your life, your children’s lives, the medical care you and your family receive, and the state of politics in our country.

We are not doctors, researchers, scientists, or journalists. We are moms (and a dad). Do not to listen to us when it comes to the conclusions we’ve drawn. Clearly they are the result of personal experience. Albeit, personal experience that is now shared by thousands, quite feasibly, millions of our contemporaries, worldwide. We strongly advise you to do your own research and develop your own opinions about this subject matter.

We are simply acting as a conduit for information that is not readily available outside the realm of popular opinion. We are free to do this precisely because we are not doctors (i.e., we do not have to say we maintain a certain belief in order to keep our jobs), we are not researchers (i.e., nobody pays us to produce a certain result), we are not government or pharmaceutical scientists (i.e., we were not given a defined set of criteria or data to manipulate in order to attain a specific outcome), and we are not mainstream journalists (i.e.,we do not have to repeat what we are told in order to keep our jobs and make advertisers happy). Ergo, we have nothing to lose.

This does not make us a conspiracy theorists, despite what many detractors may assert. We are simply Thinking Moms. No Park Avenue office. No drama. No agenda. Unless, of course, you believe the health and well-being of American children (including our own) constitutes an “agenda.” It is our intention to provide you with accurate and timely information that is not dependent upon advertisers, a product the mainstream media simply cannot deliver given the confines of their current business model.

Thanks to the wiki-fication of the world, countries are beginning to free themselves. People everywhere are challenging the beliefs and ideologies that have oppressed them for centuries. It will get much worse before it gets better, we suppose. Old regimes, like flawed belief systems, do not fall easily because of the false but predictable comfort they provide. The civil war ended slavery; but the devastating effects of bigotry lasted over a century. It’s maladaptive residue lingers in the neurological pathways of those who cannot make sense of this world and cling to the illusion of control they are convinced actually exists.  The journey we have been on has shown us that the pull of conformity defines the thoughts and actions of men and women in ways that are excruciatingly painful to behold.

To many, being liked and accepted by the mainstream, is far more important than saving lives. If you commonly start sentences with the phrase, “they say,” and then produce an assertion you would consider irrefutable fact, we would definitely recommend turning back. We are Thinking Moms, and we cannot imagine you would find much value in the contents of these pages.

We have no interest in what “they” say. We are interested in what YOU say! Clearly in the short time we have been live so many of you have already reached out to us, tweeted and “liked” our work.  It tells us we have something to offer and much to share with those who have chosen to follow! And also, much to learn. If you are still here, we are deeply humbled and grateful, friend. We hope to hear from you. Together we will change the world!

–The Rev

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1 Response to Greetings Fellow Revolutionaries!

  1. KellyD says:

    Rev, TOGETHER is the ONLY way we are going to change the world…but we WILL change it.

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