23 Feb, 2012: Scene from Sunshine’s House

23 Feb, 2012: Scene from Sunshine’s house: “Moooommmmyyyy! I’m making more paper glasses!” LOVE the word Mommy. Especially yelled as loudly as possible from another floor of the house. I sure do like the sound of that kid’s voice ☼

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    • Johna Victorino Sommer I would give up anything to have my child talk easily enough she could call me from another room 😦 so happy to hear though it gives hope!

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    • Sunshine Tmr How old is your child?

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    • Sunshine Tmr My son will be 9 in April, and while he never lost language he spent years not saying anything at all to us. Never give up.

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    • Johna Victorino Sommer She’s 11 and has severe apraxia and severe language disorder, of course loads of medical issues. a very tough thing to see as a parent for a child to have such a rough time with the most basic of things. Nope. Never.giving.up. Thanks TMR’s for keeping the spirit up in the community! Xxx

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    • Sunshine Tmr That is the hardest thing. To watch our babies struggle with things that should come so naturally. Big virtual hugs to you Johna…glad you are in the fight with me ♥

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    • Stephanie Rochelle Rhoades Parents of typicals who complain about their child’s nonstop talking, have no idea how lucky they are. I’ll never say that my child talks too much, everything he says is beautiful and appreciated more than anything! B12 and GFCF diet have made the biggest improvements in my 8 year old sons verbal deficiencies. Keep hope alive, anything is possible!

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    • Sunshine Tmr I have to say…I am guilty of this. I have a child who won’t talk to us at all (but that is changing!) and one who is the most social human being on the planet and literally talks all day long. It exhausts me, maybe because I want the social wealth to be spread around a little more. My dream…some day WE (the collective revolutionary we) will be irritated by excessive talking from our children and everyone will learn to appreciate the beauty of watching a child grow.

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