Feb 28, 2012: MaMa Mac Ponders the Future…

Feb 28, 2012: MaMa Mac ponders a future where everyone acknowledges what has happened to a generation (or more) of children…

“What would you donate? What items would tell the story of your family’s Autism experience? A plunger or monogrammed toilet snake, or the cell phone number for Wayne from Wayne’s Drains? Toys never played with or clothes never worn because they are outside of the child’s sensory comfort zone? Locks broken or fences leapt over?What do you need people to learn from your heartbreak? What would you put in the Museum of Autism that will teach future generations “Never Again”?

Please read the entire article Museum of Autism by MaMa Mac.

 PS: My daughters cried and screamed like this too all day long for many many months. This video brought back too many memories for me ~ DSlayer

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