How do I Join?

If you’re here, you’re likely already part of the Revolution!  You see, it’s not something that exists on a website.  There are no sign up sheets.  The only marching order is “Spread the Word!”

Thinking Moms are dedicated to amplifying the rustling, the whisper traveling from parent to parent.  “Can it be done?” has become, “Here’s how we’re doing it.”

For too long, our children’s voices have not been heard.  But with strength in numbers, the message is out.  Roots are taking hold.  People are listening.  Priorities realigning.  Cultural reform is on the horizon.

“Join the Revolution” by getting involved.  Share our blogs.  Consider starting a group in your community.  Until then, reach out to others and spread the word.  “Healing IS possible,” you’ll tell them, “Here’s how…”

Update: As we grow, rumor has it a “TM Revolutionaries” group is in the works. Stay tuned!

11 Responses to How do I Join?

  1. Labreah Hines says:

    Im loving this site and looking to learn from other parents

  2. Cindy says:

    New to this site will love to learn more

  3. Heather says:

    LOVE THIS 🙂 I want to be in the REVOLUTION

  4. Pamela says:

    I’m the Mom of a child recovered from diagnosed Sensory Processing Disorder ( and officially undiagnosed autism). I say ‘undiagnosed” autism because the symptoms were there but I acted on hope long before we could have gotten in with a professional who could have diagnosed her autism…..and her recovery began immediately. She began regressing at just before turning two, we started biomed treatment right after she turned 3 and today at 9 she simply requires minor supplement & diet maintenance to keep ADD type symptoms at bay. I know some of the Moms who’ve founded this blog and I look forward to sharing that which was helpful for my child. I LOVE the name “THINKING MOMS” Revolution!

  5. Beth says:

    Wow! What an awesome website!

    My son has been in recovery with residual symptoms for 5 months. I’m so thrilled to find others on my path!

  6. Jane Casey says:

    I am on it! What a great idea!!

  7. Kaneez says:

    Thanks for the site..

  8. I feel like I’m finally home, here. It’s as if you are all in my head, putting my thoughts and feelings into words and sharing them with the world – which is awesome! I keep trying to express myself to friends and family (usually through Facebook), but I think a lot of my “friends” just skip what I post. Blinders, you know…

    Really love you all!


  9. Nurse Ann says:

    Glad to be among some people who echo the same voice I have. Vaccines are bad! Vaccines cause all kinds of disorders and I’m tired of it! No, I do not have double blind placebo studies to prove it….I see it!!!! Autism… 1 in 110! Increases in asthma, diabetes, autism, auto-immune disorders, ADD, ADHD, which have increased right along with the increase in the vaccination schedule. We now have three times the vaccinations as in 1983, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. I do not believe in vaccination. I know a small group of women who do not vaccinate their babies and I am happy to say, their children are very healthy and have fantastic immune systems…the way God designed. When they catch a cold/flu virus, they develop a fever, (of course you try to control high fevers if your child is prone to febrile seizures), the fever fights against the infection, they get well and will never get the same virus again because they develop natural immunity. Wow is that how the immune system is supposed to work? YES! Parents need to be educated about the dangers of vaccination and also about the diseases which vaccines are supposed to prevent. Most bacterial diseases/infections are treatable with antibiotics, diptheria is an anaerobic gram positive bacteria, treatable with erythromycin, Pertussis is a bacteria treated with erythromycin, azithromycin, tetanus is treated with tetanus immunoglobulin, HIB and pneumonia are treated with cefotaxime, ceftriaxone, ampicillin…this is 2012! We have many antibiotics and antivirals. The viruses are not treatable. We must have strong immune systems to fight viruses. In my life, I have had chicken pox, measles, rubella, rubeolla, and did not die or suffer any life long health problems. And a very small percentage of people who caught the polio virus did not become paralyzed. Nothing is a sure thing in life and we will all die from something. What I am saying is we as parents need to be advocates of our health and the health of our children. Read, listen, learn from other parents. Do not hand your child over on a silver platter to a medical system backed by a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical conglomerate who has only one purpose…to make more money! Please check out these websites,, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, “Inoculations: The True Weapons of Mass Destruction”, by Dr. Rebecca Carley.

  10. Steph says:

    Spreading the truth [member since 2005] every day….You Go Girls!

  11. Emily says:

    The Autism Media Channel is looking for contributions for our 2012 Give Autism a Chance campaign video to be released on April 2nd. You can send in videos or photos of your son or daughter with autism showcasing their amazing skills or abilities to show the world was people with autism CAN do, instead of what they CAN’T do.

    Questions, videos, photos can be sent to


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