Questions, Anyone?

Have a question? Ask it. We’ll do our best. And if we don’t know – we’ll point you in the right direction. Post your questions and the Thinking Moms will pick one or two to answer each week (dependent upon status of the full moon, yeast flares and midnight howlings).

19 Responses to Questions, Anyone?

  1. Tracy Ginster says:

    Thank you to my dear friend for sending me this link and for all of your help in the past!!! I thought I’d just throw out a question to the other writers. My son is on the AllKids (state medicaid) insurance because he was too expensive to insure on our own because we’re self employed. Do you know of any natural doctors that will look at him and do some testing? He’s 6 and developmentally delayed. He’s not on the autism spectrum but has behavioral and learning issues, low muscle tone, etc. He was on constant antibiotics and think this last episode was from augmentin again and we’re just trying to recover from that. My friend, and one of your writers, made me aware of the ammonia toxicity of augmentin…unfortunately too late for my son. Anyway, I have feeling his ammonia levels are high and there may be other things going on and would like help outside of the medical community. Thank you!

    • Barry S says:

      Start with things you can do at home. Look up the wonderful ladies blogs for information, then go to and look at their journey blueprint. It gives multiple starting points and information to get you kick started. As for the ammonia, if he has gut issues (constipated, diarrhea, picky eater, etc.) then the ammonia may be from the bad bacteria in his gut (clostridia, yeast, etc.) As for taking insurance, most providers cannot take insurance and still take even close to the time necessary to figure out the complexities of these children’s issues. Much of the bloodwork and some of the other testing is covered, however. I would look in your area and lean on the community here to get you on your way.

    • Much of the testing and medical discovery you can do for your son is not autism related but it is looking for medical clues for what physical things could be contributing to his delays or other issues. I think Barry S. hit many of the nails on the head with his response to your question. You can also come to ThinkingMomsRevolution on FaceBook. There you can meet up with some of the Thinking Moms in an even more relaxed venue and be pointed to more blogs and websites that are just chock full of the information to get you started.

  2. Christie says:

    Hoq do I convince patent of children with SPD, ASD, asthma, and unidentified allergies that their children are sick? We can provide all the therapy in the world but if we can’t convince them to change eating habits, avoid environmental/food toxins, add supplements the progress will be hindered. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks

    • That is the $65,000 question, isn’t it? As moms of these kids, some of us remember when folks gave us subtle or not-so-subtle hints about things that might help our children. Sometimes we welcomed that person as an angel giving us a nugget of information to help our kids. Other times we wrote the person off as a busy-body or whack job. You can only make the information available. Remember that old saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.

      Your organization and team look amazing! Do you have a lending library? Consider stocking it with a few copies of Kenneth Bock’s book “Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies” or Brian Jepson’s “Changing the Course of Autism”. Make handouts available that list websites, or excerpts from those websites, that offer help for people with related illnesses. We all love The resources on that site are almost limitless and geared toward “real people/families”. Sometimes listing stories from other parents in a similar situation will help them relate the information to their situation. That is kind of what the Thinking Moms’ Revolution is all about.

      Personally, my son was receiving speech therapy from the age of 20 months. At age 5 he still was unable to speak or sign more than a few words. We started to address his physical issues – chronic constipation and extremely low tone – and he was attempting speech within weeks. I am not saying he did not get anything from those years of therapy, but he has gotten so much more since his physical issues, and the pain associated with those issues, have been resolved. Many people do not “see” the physical illnesses connected with these diagnoses.

      • Dani G says:

        Dr. Bock’s book is my bible! He is awesome, right?! He is now my daughter’s physician and I look forward to traveling back out to see him in just 2 months. Funny how life changed to the point where HE is now the rock star in my life- even had him autograph my book!!

        Little bird’s got the chronic constipation AND extremely low tone, too. In what ways did you address those issues in your own child? Huge progress? Share!!

      • Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, although I have spent hundreds of hours in doctor’s offices and THOUSANDS of hours in their waiting rooms… but as mom’s we share information –

        When our pediatric gastroenterologist noted my son’s low tone as well as his chronic constipation, one of his suggestions was a trial of a mitochondrial cocktail. This is a “cocktail” of different vitamins/supplements that target the mitochondria portion of the body’s cell – the part of the cell that is responsible for the body’s energy production. For us, the higher levels of carnitine in this cocktail resulted in some nice muscle and strength gain, as well as regular BMs. Talk with Dr. Bock (yes, he is awesome!) and see what he thinks, given all your Little Bird’s issues. Good luck and hug Dr. Bock for us.

      • Kimberly says:

        I would second the suggestion of passive propoganda. Some people just aren’t able to cook at home for hours and the concept of dietary intervention is just too overwhelming. They will do their best, and we should accept that. On the other hand, if it weren’t for the University psychologists in our Asperger’s diagnostic process suggesting biomedical and dietary changes, we might never have turned down this road! About 90% of our son’s regression has been reversed in the past 12 months! We are still working on chronic constipation though… would love your thoughts on how/what to pursue there!?

      • Congratulations on your son’s better health!
        Chronic constipation is an ongoing problem in so many individuals living with autism – and beyond. Many of the Thinking Mom’s ASD kiddos have siblings with tummy issues as well.
        You can visit TACA’s Poop Page. I love recommending this page – not just because of it’s name – because it has SO MANY wonderful ideas for helping with constipation. We all know that if you’ve met one kid with autism, you’ve met one kid with autism. You can pick the things you have not tried, or the easiest ones for you to implement. This page is how I found George’s Aloe which, during our worst constipation years, was a miracle-worker.

        I hope you find something that works. Sending you great pooping vibes….

  3. logaramadrama's mama says:

    A friend’s son (4-5) had a reaction to his vaccines. He is now stuttering and is fidgety in school. I pointed her in the right direction to NVIC, VAERS, and info on vaccine reactions, PANDAS, and biomed (which has helped my son with autism so much). She took him to his ped., where surprise, surprise, it was brushed off as a coincidence. She wanted him tested for strep also (PANDAS), they refused because he could be a carrier. Supposedly they reported it and all she has is a referral to a neurologist. She feels as if the doctors just don’t care anymore. I know that feeling all too well. Can anyone suggest a good doctor in the Philadelphia area who can test / treat him? Thank you.

  4. Dani G says:

    Hi All,
    Little Bird is 7 and has a very leaky gut. Chronic constipation has allowed toxin after toxin to invade her little brain. She’s been GFCF for 3 1/2 years- no immediate results from infractions except constipation. Of course, after 4 days of not pooping, she loses speech, stops engaging and gets SUPER stimmy, scripty, etc. as soon as she poops she’s baaaaaaack!
    Major bacterial overgrowth right now. Treating with liquid gold known as vancomycin and nystatin cocktail. Used to have to treat with flagyl every 8 weeks. I’ve cleaned up her gut enough to only have to treat with antibiotics every 6 months. Progress!
    For the past week, her poop (when she goes) is grainy/sandy. What’s this all about? Anybody??

    Dani G

    • If you have frequented any of the autism medical boards on Yahoo Groups, you know that grainy/sandy poo can mean many things to many people. It coud even mean your treatment is working. Are you a member of any of the Yahoo Groups that specialize in Medical Autism concerns? If not, find one – fast. They are awesome support networks, and have hundreds of families experiences to pull from.
      One of our favorites is GFCFKids – which goes way beyond diet. And TACA (Talk About Curing Autism Now) has a great “poop page”

      Good luck!!

      • Polymathmom says:

        It’s true it can mean different things to different people — consider oxalates as a possible issue – there are other symptoms that go hand in hand with oxalate dumping that might help u figure out if ur Little Bird’s grainy poop is oxalate related…. Good luck!

  5. Dear TMR,
    First, Love you and what you stand for!

    I have a question regarding getting my son to eat. He is 3 and Autism has him in a strangle hold. He lost the ability to use utensils & drink from a cup. He is addicted to crunchy finger foods only. We have been GF/SF all natural/organic for 1.5 yrs. Have tried and continue some Biomeds. He is allowed Raw milk & cheese because he tolerates them well. He is practically non-communicative; he knows just enough to ask for a few things.
    I am attempting to start GAPS (have my broths & soups ready) but I have a 4mo baby to care for also (and no assistance during the day as hubby has to work) so I cannot sit with him all day… I tried a bit of ABA, 1 bite for 1 reward type deal, but he is refusing even that (scream fest), so after 20 mins I let him down without food or reward. I guess I am hoping one of you may have some tips that I have not thought of.
    Thanks in advance,
    Viva la Revolution!

    • Goddess here. During the worst of Autism Harry ate 5 foods, if you count milk as a food. Cheerios, milk, yogurt, chicken nuggets and gyro meat (my dad is Greek :)) Meanwhile his twin was eating rice-stuffed tomatoes, every veggie on the planet and as much fruit as we would permit. We went GFCF and did feeding therapy. First all he had to do was tolerate a food on the plate (and he dry heaved looking at things back then). Once that was okay, he had to touch it, next he had to pick it up and throw it away–off the plate. When we got that down, we started stacking carrot slices and finger-painting with applesauce. Next came touching the food to his lips, then throwing it away again. Finally came the actual bite…and that was after many weeks of building up to that point. It required some holding of the hands and a little forcing into the mouth, but once it was in there, he usually chewed it. It would take a few more of the same type attempts until he would take that food on his own. Its not for the faint of heart, but it did work.
      My dad cooked up a mixture that we still use today. Its kind of soupy mush, but basically all-organic combo of ground beef, tomato sauce, every veggie he can think of, rice, beans, and whatever else we are trying to get in him. It saved him. I can’t recommend this, but initially I put it in front of him and if he refused, I put it back in the fridge but didn’t give him another option. He never went a day without eating–he decided to eat it eventually. I liked that better than the feeding therapy method because it gave him the power to choose what to do. That’s still how I introduce something important here. Hope that helps.

  6. aefountain says:

    I would like to ask your permission to link your blog to a post I am currently writing, along with the video of your children?

  7. Jeannette says:

    I have been Thinking about autism and vaccine injury. It seems to me that ” big pharma and co” have gone thru this before. Anybody remember Thalidomide? What was done for those injured by the prescribed drug? What about the docs involved? We can probably expect something similar to happen with vaccine injury and autism. Any Thoughts?

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