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March 2012

March 21, 2012:  shared Mentos’s brilliant article on their Facebook page and website. Please read The Real MD by Mentos.


March 21, 2012: The Gianelloni Family shared The Real MD by Mentos on their blog.

“In this situation, truth came in the form of educated & determined mothers who showed up to the vaccine seminar. Only, they were silenced and met with bodyguards. Why? Because they are a threat. They have truth. And they also have vaccine-injured children.” – The Gianelloni Family

Please read the full article Truth Meets The Vaccine Champion.


March 18, 2012:  Whilst the fabulous but temporarily burned out Cathy Jameson, Contributing Editor of Age of Autism takes a well deserved break, she leaves us with this excellent blog post by Alison MacNeil aka MommaMac While Rome Burns

Please see Cathy’s post here Temporarily Burned Out.

PS: Cathy, we hope you had a great weekend and hope to read more of your wonderful posts on AoA!


March 16, 2012 – Check out Linderman Unleashed featuring our very own Thinking Mom “Blaze”. Listen as Curt and Kim read from and comment on Blaze’s amazing blog posts Blaze’s Excellent CDC Adventure: Part 1 and Blaze’s Excellent CDC Adventure: Part 2 posted on March 13 and 14. We are SO proud of you Blaze. And thank you Kim and Curt Linderman for an amazing radio episode. You guys are a true force of nature!

Please click on the Play button to listen to the March 16, 2012 episode. If your browser does not support the media player, please click on the link below instead.

Linderman Unleashed Comment on Blaze’s Excellent CDC Adventure on March 16, 2012


March 16, 2012: Anne Dachel, the Media Editor of Age of Autism shared Momma Mac’s While Rome Burns with her readers on her blog

“This story describes the pathetic state of our children’s health–a sad testament to the fact that we have the most vaccinated kids in the world and some of the sickest.” – Anne Dachel

Please read the full article ThinkingMomsRevolution: “While Rome Burns” by Anne Dachel


March 3, 2012: MWDAS shared us on their Facebook page! Moms Who Drink and Swear felt giddy and couldn’t stop laughing when they read Sunshine’s brilliant article If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say …


February 2012

February 28, 2012: Anne Dachel shared Momma Mac’s Museum of Autism on her blog.

“It’s about how the autism epidemic will be remembered and I think it’s brilliant. I have no doubt that the truth will come out and we’ll have to face the fact that so many collectively failed our children. ” – Anne Dachel

Please read her full article How Will Autism Be Remembered? by Anne Dachel


February 26, 2012: Anne Dachel, the esteemed Media Editor of Age of Autism introduces The Thinking Moms’ Revolution to her readers on her blog

“The stories make you realize you’re not alone. All the struggles and frustration are there. And you’ll find hope, something each of us needs in abundance.” ~ Anne Dachel

Please read the full article Check Out A Blog For the Autism  Mom: Thinking Moms’ Revolution by Anne Dachel


Feb 23, 2012: Autism Mothers shared Mentos’s excellent article Autism Recovery | Hope: Found In A Moment

“Have a look at this guys. Great video.” – Autism Mothers


February 23, 2012: Thank you, Age of Autism for your glowing review! We’re proud to be, as you say, “feeding the cause with inspiring, interesting and entertaining blog posts and Facebook conversations.” Viva La REVOLUTION!

“At almost 1,000 fans strong in less than two weeks of being on the web, a group of dedicated Moms (and token Dad) have joined the autism blogosphere.

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution is the voice of twenty-five contributors. They are feeding the cause with inspiring, interesting and entertaining blog posts and Facebook conversations.” ~ Age of Autism

Please read the full article here Because TMR Knows There’s No Such Thing As TMI


 Feb 20, 2012: Jenny McCarthy Tweeted Us!

“Cool place full of hope!” ~ Jenny McCarthy

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February 18, 2012: The Thinking Moms (and Dad) are honored to be front page news on Generation Rescue’s website today!

“People often ask why I still read up on biomedical treatments, research alternative therapies and attend autism conferences. Why do I still implement dietary intervention, biomedical supplements and homeopathy? Well, the story doesn’t end at recovery.” 

Please click on the link below to read the full article by our very own Thinking Mom, Dragon Slayer.  The Thinking Mom’s Revolution » Generation Rescue | Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Organization