The Thinking Moms’ Children


To us, these children are more than a number. They are our world.

They are the reason for everything we do. The research. The healing. The REVOLUTION.

In their simple messages, volumes are spoken.

We’re here.  We’re listening.  We’re fighting.



57 Responses to The Thinking Moms’ Children

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  2. Poppy TMR says:

    I cry every freaking time!!! This is why we fight…for our kids. For your kids. For our future. For The Truth ❤

    • Mamacita says:

      Crying here, too…for our children, for our families, for the Thinkers, and for those who have agreed to fight with us.

  3. B.K. says:

    I think our kids speak louder than we ever could. I hope people are listening.

  4. It is wonderful to meet your beautiful children…..from a “1 in 10,000” thinking Mom, back when wen had to Google the word Autism to know what it meant, I salute you! Give ’em he’ll….give them all hell! Wendy Frye

  5. It is wonderful to meet your beautiful children…..from a “1 in 10,000” thinking Mom, back when wen had to Google the word Autism to know what it meant, I salute you! Wendy Frye

  6. Susan says:

    VERY powerful. Thank you so much for what you are doing. For all of us. I hope that the world starts listening – and acting- too.

  7. BW says:

    Amazing…God Bless!

  8. Rachel says:

    INCREDIBLE!!! Such a powerful video. Each one of those signs… I could see my own son holding. Thank you for being a voice not only to our children, but also to the families in this fight! God bless you all!

  9. lorenzosvoice says:

    Crying too! All these children may be on different waves of the spectrum but their eyes say the same thing my son’s eyes say to me everyday…”I’m in here, come get me! ” I’ll never stop trying Baby, never.

  10. moneytmr says:

    ❤ Love these children! Love all of our children ❤

  11. KFuller says:

    Started to watch this before I took the boy to school. I had to stop because my tears always send him into a spin. So moving and so beautiful. You are all making a difference.

  12. David Troutman says:

    Clearing my tears so much pain so much misery and yet so much HOPE. Thanks moms

  13. Jim says:

    It’s all about Pharma companies, Insurance companies, News Media and Politicians. In 2000, Autism was 1 in 149 children. Mostly boys – about 75%. In 2010 – 1 in 81; 2020 projection is 1 in 56 and 2028 projection is 1 in 41. This is an epidemic on a greater level than Aids or Polio. Yet where are the News Media, the Politicians or even the Pastors? They are afraid of the Pharma companies and their money. See the table below. How long before we reach 1 in 2? Think. THINK. THINK!!!!
    per m one per
    2000 6.7 149
    2002 6.6 152
    2004 8 125
    2006 9 111
    2008 11.3 88
    2010 12.3 81
    2012 13.3 75
    2014 14.3 70
    2016 15.5 65
    2018 16.7 60
    2020 18 56
    2022 19.5 51
    2024 21 48
    2026 22.7 44
    2028 24.5 41

    • JOHNNA says:

      so true , my daughter was dx in 2000 , she was 4 , I refused to medicate her ! Now at 18, she will graduate HS on time and enter college in the fall. I am so glad I took this path , these kids are not lab rats. I speak to some parnets who have their kids on such complicated medicine cocktails and they wonder why they arent able to function.

  14. Jean V. says:

    Chills over and over throughout this powerful video…I am so proud to be mom to one of you thinking mom and grandmom to one of the precious children in this video…you RAWK moms!!!

  15. katie says:

    This video is incredible, it explains autism and really shows what our kids must be feeling. I fight everyday to help my son, its heartwrenching. Thank you for this video.

  16. Informedmom says:

    Wow. *wipes tears*
    Powerful message…that the world needs to receive.
    Now. I am one of u. THANK YOU!

  17. Lin Wessels says:

    SOOOOO POWERFUL…………..TEARS!!! Thank you for all that you do!!

  18. Leslie Ross says:

    Very moving! Grateful to you for all you do!

  19. Joy Rothschild says:

    I cried while watching these beautiful children with their strong messages of hope, truth and love. Keep up the fight thinking Moms. All children are beautiful and worth it all.

  20. Lisa says:

    Beautiful children!!! Thank you thinking moms for all that you do for the children and the moms too!

  21. INwarriormama says:

    Tears in my eyes, thanks for all you are doing…

  22. luvbugtmr says:

    NEVER doubt that a small group of THOUGHTFUL, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
    I love each of these kids as if they were my own. I cry every time I see this video – today out of frustration that the “powers that be” could not give one crap about this crisis we are dealing with daily – unless it were to mess with their bottom line.
    But most of the other times, I cry that “love cry” – the one where you see the beauty of the child, you understand the significance of where they are standing in the picture or why they are holding their specific sign. I cry because I see their mom’s face/determination/smile ~ and I love her so much. But mostly I’ve cried with pride over how strong, brave and undaunted these kids are ~ everyday.

  23. taramcmillan says:

    The 1 in 88 doesn’t include my child, in fact it doesn’t include any child diagnosed after 2009

  24. Sadie West says:

    Wonderful video! So very powerful…you can feel all of our strength in this video…the strength of our children! Awesome! : )

  25. LaTisha says:

    Nicely done, ladies and children. Very nicely done!

  26. Christine Sullivan says:

    Awesome, just awesome!

    • Christine Sullivan says:

      Definitely left me in tears….

      • sainttmr says:

        ❤ Your battles may be different, but you know what it is like to care for a sick child and face the frustration from the medical community. You too are a THINKING MOM!!!!

  27. Kim Mack Rosenberg says:

    Incredibly powerful and moving! I want each of these children’s dreams – and my child’s as well – to come true. Each of them deserves their dreams and so much more… Thank you Thinking Moms!

  28. lauram359 says:

    Beautiful video! Ofc tears but it is important to share. Great job!

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  31. Guilded Thinker says:

    I finally got to watch this video. So. Very. Powerful. I think Little E’s sign would have to read: I want my childhood back.

  32. Jenn Kaplan says:

    I have goose bumps and tears. That was amazing!!! Thank you all for what you do. xo

  33. SassySteelMagnolia says:

    Very powerful. Poignant. Broke my heart to watch but so very proud of everyone involved. Thank you!

  34. Meipo Flatley says:

    May God bless all our children and may the world open their eyes and hearts to the Truth!
    Dear Thinking Moms, thanks for all your efforts!
    Our world needs you!

    Meipo Flatley

  35. Michele Tomlinson says:


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  37. Crazy48Kids says:

    Prayers that they’re dreams come true!!!

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  39. autismandthesinglemomlivinglifeinthetrenches says:

    This is awesome, so emotional. We all need to join together to help our children and stop this nightmare!

  40. Katie Livingood says:

    This video was very powerful and very well done! I am proud to say I am the friend of a Thinking Mom. TMR is making a difference.

  41. Paul M. Brown "Pops" ! says:

    God bless all these children! A very powerful message.
    Alyssa’s “Pops”!

  42. Katherine Parsons says:

    Beautiful!!! Get this on TV – run it as a PSA. Very powerful….

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  44. Erin Taplin says:


  45. Milk Maid says:

    This video gave me goosebumps and tears. Amazing!…

  46. Ashley says:

    This is so powerful. Bawling.. Thank you tmr!!!!!! Now i have to go collect myself!!

  47. lmartin359 says:

    Showed the video to my HS students followed by the question “What will you do to help a special needs/autistic child?” After they stopped crying and after an awsome discussion here are just a few of the things they vowed to do:
    volunteer at a hosp peds unit
    volunteer at a special needs preschool
    invite a fellow student to eat lunch with them
    not laugh if someone asks a silly question
    be more understanding
    stick up for a child being teased
    Thanks for making a difference! =)

    • mamabear TMR says:

      That is a great start. This generation of children will need strong teachers and advocates to fight for them. Thank you for showing it to your students.

  48. mamabear TMR says:

    These children are the future. They have a voice…..even if they can’t speak. We will continue to fight for them, until they are well enough to fight for themselves. We will beat autism. We will prevail. We have started the revolution….and we will never stop fighting. I am so proud of all the Thinking Moms out there. ❤

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